Moving Box Guide

Moving Boxes and Supplies

Moving is stressful, and packing can be a real pain. One way to relieve some of that pain is to choose the right kinds of moving supplies and boxes for your move. Here are some of the most common types:

Bubble Wrap: Bubble wrap is critical to keeping your items protected and are a good way to speed up your move!

Furniture Slipcovers: These are plastic covers that go over your bed, couch, or other furniture to keep them clean and undamaged during a move.

Tape: You need lots of tape. Probably more than you think you. Be sure to have plenty on hand for your move

Ties: Moving Ties are very useful. You can use them to keep furniture closed, tie up appliances, and keep refrigerators closed.

Regular Moving Boxes: These are your regular moving boxes that come in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

Wardrobe Box: This a very large box that usually comes with a metal hanger bar for you to hang your clothes from. The benefit of the wardrobe box is that there is no need to fold or “pack” your clothes. You can just move your clothes into and out of the wardrobe box with very little effort.

Picture Box: These boxes are meant to transport framed pictures, paintings, artwork, and mirrors.

Kitchen Box: This a very sturdy corrugated box usually with double walled construction for fragile items. This is the type of box you would pack your dishes and glassware in. You can also purchases dividers to protect your items from hitting each other and breaking.

File Boxes: These are important for anyone moving important documents from a home office. They are pretty inexpensive and are pretty easy to carry.