Moving Guide

What type of move is best for me?

There are many different types of moves, and it’s important to research what type of move is best for you:

Local Move

Moving locally generally means that you are moving within state lines and moving a distance of less than 100 miles.

It is important to note that local moves usually charge by the number of hours worked multiplied by the amount people working on your move.

Long Distance Move

Moving long distance usually means you are moving more than 100 miles. Often interstate moves can be considered a long distance move.

You can divide long distance moves into two categories:

Full Service Move: Full service moving is where the movers will pack, load, transport, unload, and unpack your things.

Self Service Move: Self service moving is where you will do your packing and unpacking yourself, and the movers will load, transport, and unload.

Interstate Move

Interstate moving is simply where you cross a state line. It doesn’t matter if you are moving 1 mile or 1000, if you cross a state line you are doing and interstate move.

Auto Transport

Auto moves, also know as car or auto shipping, is for when you are moving a long distance and don’t want to drive your car yourself.

The price of an auto transport move is decided by the distance of your move and whether you want an open-air trailer or closed trailer.

  • In-state Move
  • Interstate Move
  • Internation Moves
  • Auto Transport
  • Small Move
  • Special Move
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Army Move